What is Ghee?

Ghee is made from butter, but its milk solids and salts have been removed which then makes it a pure “oil”. This oil can be brought to high temperatures without burning.

Our Process:

We make Ghee using sweet unsalted butter or from Cream.The ingredients come from the diaries in Northern California. Some of our top sourcing partners are located in Petaluma and Fresno , California

1. We use sweet cream butter or cream from the diaries to produce Ghee
2. Adding culture, curd/yogurt once it cools down to 110ºF/44ºC enhances taste
3. Wait 8+ hours for curd to form.
4. Churn curd.
5. Skim the butter.Add cold water to make separation easier.
6. Make ghee. Heat up in pan slowly, remove foam on top, and take out of heat when ghee is clear and before solids burn.
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