Mission: At Bayolis we are on a mission of crafting food in the most ancient and holistic way, therefore we want our food to taste like home.We want all the nutrition retained to heal and nourish our bodies and mind.On this journey we are Local and we will source and manufacture our food locally.

Local, with origins in Silicon Valley, we source our raw materials locally and mostly in Northern California from certified organic and natural farms. Our ingredients are top tier in quality and we go with organic wherever possible. We do things differently at Bayolis, every food product that we create has the best industry standards in manufacturing at the same time we keep our foot print low. We manufacture in small batches and in small operations to retain the best in food. Our methods such as Open flame cooking and using Natural gas instead of steam makes our food taste better and retains all the key ingredients that homemade food would taste like. We practice wholesomeness and mindfulness in our cooking with the Vedas from Indian Subcontinent.

Enormous Health benefits: Our products are designed and created to address many issues that modern society is battling.Serving the community with super foods that are known to have healing benefits from several cultures are now being crafted in Silicon valley and locally in our community. We think food produced in harmony and tranquility with mantra infused kitchens will lead to wellness and aid in battling any health condition. Our mission is to farm the traditional super foods and produce them in a non-toxic environment and keep it true to its core without any modification of modern processed food for profit.

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