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Bayolis Farms LLC is a small family farm located in San jose,California.Our farm manufactures a wide variety of creamery products that are made in small batches.We source our raw materials from organic growers in the area.Our mission is to produce food in the tranquility of nature and use all the Ayurvedic (Sanskrit: आयुर्वेद IAST Āyurveda, "life-knowledge"; ) principles from the holy books of Ancient India.

Latest Products for health

Ghee-8 oz Jar

Manufactured in small batches our most popular Ghee is made from the Dairies in Northern California.

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Ghee-16 Oz Jar

Bayolis Farms LLC Ghee is available in the following SKU'S (Stock Keeping Units) 16Oz, 32Oz and other custom packaging for a flat shipping fees

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Raw Ghee from Cows Milk- 16oz

Bayolis farms offers ghee made from non pasteurized milk.The USDA requires such items to be labeled as " Not for Sale"

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Indian Paneer-7.5 Oz

Paneer is fresh, soft cheese that has been popular across India since ancient times. It is often used as a substitute for meat in vegetarian recipes because it is high in protein.

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